For Corporate Clients


Being a public accounting firm, the substantial (major) portion of the bookkeeping services provided by our company is related to the preparation of the corporate books of account at the end of the fiscal year, aka shoebox bookkeeping. The obvious advantage of this type of maintaining your records - is the cost. You don’t have to worry about having a bookkeeper on staff. However, bookkeeping on a monthly or quarterly basis is also available at a clients’ request and our discretion. We also provide our clients with advice of how to maintain their books.

Financial statements – Compilation Engagement

Our company prepares unaudited financial statements, based on the information provided by the client, therefore, we provide no review or audit assurance to readers of the financial statements.

Income Tax Return

We prepare the annual Federal and Provincial income tax returns for the fiscal year end of the corporation. Our company will make sure that all credits and deductions have been applied properly according to our best knowledge and experience and in compliance with Canadian Income Tax Act.

GST/HST Returns

Preparation of annual or quarterly GST returns.