For Individuals

Personal Income Tax Return

We offer our clients the preparation and filing of the Canadian personal income tax returns of all types and complexity. We’ll calculate your personal income tax balance for the year ended, and ensure maximum credits and deductions that are applicable to you have been accounted for.

We will also complete all required support schedules such as:

  • Rental schedules for your properties
  • Farm schedules
  • Business schedule for sole proprietorships
  • Schedule of employment expenses
  • Capital gains and losses schedules
  • Etcetera

We pride ourselves on ensuring your return is filed on time or in a timely manner.

For Sole Proprietors

Self-employed individuals, who decided not to incorporate a company, also report their income on their personal income tax return. For these clients we offer bookkeeping services to determine net income to be reported for the tax year. We can also prepare tax returns based on a client maintained set of books. We’ll complete the business schedule and determine your balance due. We’ll also prepare GST returns if required.

Preparation and Filing your Old Returns

Be up to date – catch up on your old returns! Our company will prepare and file your previously missed returns. In case you are missing slip information we will contact Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf to obtain the information required and make this experience less stressful and time consuming for you.